Transfer Domain

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The following are the steps to transfer domain from other domain provider to SRS-X :

  1. Go to Order Domain page by clicking Products – Order Domain menu. 1
  2. Input domain name that you would to transfer, and then click Order Now button. 2
  3. Make sure the domain is not available. And then click Transfer Domain button beside of your domain name. 3
  4. Input your domain EPP Code. To get this EPP Code, you must contact your previous domain provider. And then click Check & Order button to continue. 4
  5. Choose your billing cycle for your domain. If you want to add some services, give a check in the service’s checkbox. Click Continue button to continue the process. 5
  6. Check the validity of Domain WHOIS Contact that would be your WHOIS Contact Information. If there is an invalid information, click Edit button (pencil icon) to edit your data. If done, click Continue button. 6
  7. Input the nameservers for your domain and then click Continue button. 7a
  8. If your domain needs some documents (according to domain extension), upload the document especially the required document by clicking Add button (plus icon). Then click Continue button. 9
  9. If your domain needs to ask you for your Registration Agreement, read carefully and give check in the checkbox provided. And click Continue button to finishing the first step. 10
  10. For the second step, you will be redirected to Product & Other Services page. You will receive our recommended products for your order. If you just wanna transfer domain, you can skip this step and click Summary step or Check Out button. 11
  11. In the Summary page, this page showing your order cart. Click Check Out button to finishing the order step. 12
  12. Finally, in the Check Out step, you will be shown your total order and you can choose the payment method you will use for pay. If your data is correct and you have choose the payment method, click Proceed Payment button. 13
  13. In this final page, your order receipt data will showing your payment status for each product you have bought. 14
  14. Finish.