Set Special Prices

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The following are the steps to set domain & product prices for customer & reseller :

  1. Go to Configuration – Products menu.
  2. Select Special Price tab menu.
  3. You will be directed to Special Product Price List page. In this page, your reseller(s) will be shown with the special price status. Choose your reseller that would be added special price by clicking Edit button in it’s row. 1. Special Product Price Reseller List
  4. After that, you will directed to Special Product Price Configuration page that showing the list of reseller’s product. To add a product, click Add Special Price button. 2. Special Product Price List
  5. This will show you a popup that allows you to select the poduct that will be added special price. And then click Add Special Price button. 3. Select Product
  6. And then you will be redirected back to Special Product Price Configuration page. There is your product that just added. Click edit button on that. 4. Edit
  7. Set the price of product according to its periods and the kind of registration. If you have done, click Save button. 5. Configure Special Price
  8. Finish.