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The following are the steps to Edit WHOIS :

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. Click Edit WHOIS button in the WHOIS & Security section. 1. Domain Details
  3. This will show you a pop-up that contains your current WHOIS Contact Information. There are Registrant, Administrative, Billing, dan Technical Contact in each tab menu. Choose one of them to edit that contact information and click Change Contact to begin editing. 2. WHOIS Information
  4. And then this will show you contact list that you can choose. If you would change your contact information without edit it, choose by click the radiobutton which in a row with your contact that you would to use and click Use Selected Contact button. If you would edit the contact information, you can click edit button in a contact that you would to edit. 3. Choose Contact
  5. By clicking edit button in previous step, this will show you a form that contains your current data before you edit. Change then contact information up to you. If you have done with the form, click Save button. 4. Edit WHOIS Form
  6. Finish.

Registran, Administrative, Billing, dan Technical Contact