Limited Domain Prices Setting

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Before you can sell limited domains, make sure the domain products selling status are active.

Because of default limited domain selling prices is same of the price you bought from Registrar, edit the prices before you sell these limited domains.

These are the products that used to sell limited domain:

  • .id
  • .id.2char
  • .id.3char
  • .id.4char


These are the steps to set the limited domain prices:

  1. Make sure the limited domain selling status is active.
    To making sure of that, go to Configuration – Products menu. Then choose Domain tab, and choose PANDI as the Registry. Make sure on Selling column value of limited domains are Yes.
  2. If the Selling column value are still No, then set to sell these products by giving checks on product check boxes, then click Set to Sell button.
  3. If the Selling column value are already Yes, then set the Reseller prices of these products. Click Edit button to continue.
  4. Choose Reseller Prices tab. Edit the Register Price and then click Save button. Do the same action for each products.
  5. Finish.