Top Up Reseller Deposit USD via IDR

Versi Bahasa Indonesia


The feature used to add Reseller USD deposit using IDR.


The following are the steps to top up reseller deposit:

  1. Go to Add Funds page by click Billing & Invoices – Add Fund – Generate Funding Invoice menu.
  2. On the Add Funds Method page, select the payment method under the Manual Payment section by clicking on the BCA button.
  3. Input the amount of the fund (in IDR) and click Create Invoice button.
  4. If invoice created successfully, then the invoice will be published and you will be directed to the invoice page. Then, you can proceed by paying for a published invoice by clicking Confirm Payment logo button.
    PS: In the invoice item description, there is a rate conversion detail. This exchange rate conversion refers to time when clicking the Create Invoice button in the previous stage.
  5. Wait for a while until the process is done.
  6. When you have finished making a payment, confirm by filling out your payment details by clicking the Confirm Payment button at the invoice page. Then click Submit button when finished.
  7. Finish.