Retrying Locked in Process Status

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After domain ordering has finished, in Domain Details page will show a Status of that domain order. If the order is success then the Status will be active, but if there is a mistake or invalid data when entrying information, the Status will be locked in process. This status will be exist if there is a mistake that are: invalid nameserver, invalid WHOIS contact, and wrong EPP Code when transfering domain.


The following are the steps to retrying process if Domain Status is Locked in Process :

Case 1: If Nameserver is invalid

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. If the Status is locked in process with Object does not exist (ns [nameserver] does not exist) reason, there is an invalid nameserver that you typed before. So, in Nameserver section, click Edit button. 1. Domain Details
  3. This will show you a popup. Input at least two valid nameservers to change your old invalid nameservers. If you’re done, click Save button. 2. Edit Nameservers
  4. You will redirected to Domain Details page back, and then click Retry Process button to re-order with your new Nameservers3. Retry Process
  5. Your Status will be changed to processing. Wait a moment until the system has finished checking and your Status is changed. If your Nameserver is valid, your Status will be changed to active.
  6. Finish.

Case 2: If WHOIS Contact is invalid

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. If the Status is locked in process with Data management policy violation; Data management policy violation (voice is required) reason, there is an invalid WHOIS Contact that you typed before. So, in WHOIS & Security section, click Edit WHOIS button. 1. Domain Details
  3. This will show you a popup that contains your current WHOIS contact information. There are eight required contact information, if you already know where is your invalid contact information click Change Contact button.
  4. And then click Edit icon button at your current selected contact. 3. Choose Contact to Edit
  5. Input or change your invalid required contact information with your new valid contact information. Make sure the Phone row is consist of Country Code and Phone Number. If it’s all done, click Save button. 4. Edit Contact
  6. Then you will be redirected back to Registrant Contact list page. To apply your updated WHOIS contact information for all contacts, give a check in Apply to all contact (Administrative, Registrant, Billing, and Technical) checkbox. And then click Use Selected Contact button. 5. Use Selected Contacts
  7. If you’re done, you will be redirected back to Domain Details page again. Click Retry Process to try re-order with new WHOIS Contact information. 6. Domain Details
  8. Your Status will be changed to processing. Wait a moment until the system has finished checking and your Status is changed. If your WHOIS Contact is valid, your Status will be changed to active.
  9. Finish.

Case 3: If EPP Code is wrong while Transfer Domain

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. If the Status is locked in process with Invalid authorization information (The requester has given authinfo which doesn’t match) reason, there is an invalid EPP Code that you typed before. So, click Retry Transfer button. 1. Domain Details
  3. This will redirected you to EPP Code entry. In this page, input your valid EPP Code and Captcha. And then click Process button to begin retrying domain transfer. 2. Retry Transfer
  4. If the domain has been transferred, the system will check every hour to adjust the status of the domain. However, if after checking through WHOIS the domain has been transferred and the status has not changed (still pending registrar approval), resellers / customers can synchronize manually by clicking the Synchronize button. 3. Domain Details
  5. Finish.

Case 3: Reseller deposit wasn’t enough before

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. Click “Retry Process” button
  3. Done