Confirm Deposit Invoice

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The following are the steps to confirming Reseller deposit payment:

  1. Go to Billing & Invoices – Add Fund – Pay / Confirm Payment menu.
  2. Choose invoice that you want to confirm and make sure the payment status is Unpaid. Klik the linked Invoice ID to open the invoice details page.
  3. At invoice details page, Click Confirm Payment button.
  4. In other way, you can confirm without opening invoice details page by clicking Pay button, and choose which destination bank you paid.
  5. Input the Source Bank according to the bank that you used to pay, Sender Account Number according your bank account number, Sender Name according to your bank account name, Transaction Date according the date of your payment, Amount according to the amount that you transfer to us, and click Choose file button to upload the receipt note of your payment. Last, click Submit button to confirming your deposit payment.
  6. For checking your invoice status, go to Billing & Invoices – Add Fund – Pay / Confirm Payment menu.
    If the Payment Status still unpaid and there is a Pending Confirmation label, you just have to wait until the Payment Status change to paid.
  7. Finish.