Module Registrar

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The following are the steps to configure Module Registrar :

  1. Extract into [WHMCSROOT]/modules/registrars/ directory. Make sure srsx.php is located in [WHMCSROOT]/modules/registrars/srsx/srsx.php directory too 1. registrar-direktori
  2. Login to WHMCS admin page, and then go to Setup – Products/Service – Domain Registrars menu 2. registrar-menu-registrar
  3. In configuration page, you will get registrar modules list that installed in WHMCS, choose Srsx module and then click Activate button 3. registrar-modulepilih
  4. After that, click Configure button to configure the module. Input the UsernameURL, and Password in Domain Management System. If did it, click Save Changes button 4. registrar-moduleconfig
  5. Configure the domain that would be using Srsx registrar by set the domain pricing, go to Setup – Products/Services – Domain Pricing menu 5. registrar-domainpricing
  6. Choose domain extension which you would connect it with Srsx registrar module. For transfer requirement, give a tick at EPP Code checkbox 6. registrar-domainpricingconfig
  7. Finish.