Registrar Module

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Following are the steps to installing SRS-X domain registrar module in Blesta:

  1. Extract into this directory

    so the SRS-X module is located at:

  2. Login to Blesta as administrator, then go to Settings menu.
  3. At Settings page, then click Modules menu.
  4. At Modules page, choose Available tab. Click Install button on SRS-X module row.
  5. At Module Management page, click Add Reseller Account button.
  6. Configure Registrar Name, Reseller ID, API Username, API Password, and Sandbox. Registrar Name input can filled with your reseller account name or anything. Configure Reseller ID, API Username, and API Password that appropriated to SRS-X API reseller configuration page. Give a check at Sandbox check box if you want to try the development mode. Then click Add Account button to save your module configurations.
    PS: Module will checks your reseller configuration as you clicking Add Account button, make sure your configurations are success. If there is an error then check your configuration again.
  7. Create package for your domain products through Packages – Browse Packages menu.
    Then at Packages page, click Create Package button.
  8. Configure your domain product at New Package page. At Module input form choose SRS-X option.
    Then on Account input choose your account that you just created.
    After that, on Name Server inputs as default NS-es.
    Click Create Package button to save the configuration.
  9. Finish.