Checking Completeness of Addons

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The following are the steps to check the completeness of SRS-X Domain .ID Addon:

  1. Login to WHMCS panel as administrator. First, check the availability of addon menu by hovering cursor to Addons menu. 1
  2. If SRS-X Domain .ID Addon menu is available, then skip to Step 5. If not, then go to Setup – Addon Modules menu. 2
  3. In Addons page and on SRS-X Domain .ID Addon row, click Configure button. 3
  4. At Access Control configuration menu, choose the admin role groups to permit access to this module. And click Save Changes button to save this module configuration. 4
  5. Go to Addons – SRS-X Domain .ID Addon menu. 5
  6. On SRS-X Domain .ID Addon page, if you would to check the completeness of addon files and cofiguration, click Addon Check button. Otherwise, if you would to check the completeness of registration module files and configuration, click Registrar Check button. 6 7Each file and configuration will be completed if at Status column is checked, but they will be not completed if at Status column is crossed and red colored.
  7. Finish.