Reseller Product Report

Versi Bahasa Indonesia

The following are the steps to create a Reseller Product report:

  1. Go to Tools – Reseller Report menu.
  2. At Reseller Report Portal page, for Add Report Task input, select Reseller Products option. Then fill the inputs as your request:
    1. Product: select the product that you request
    2. Registry: if you select Domain option, you have to select one of available registry options
    3. Status: you can check multiple statuses for the products
    4. Time Period: select the date range of registered products
    5. E-mailed to: fill in the e-mail address that will be used as the destination of sending the report. Then click Submit button.
  3. If request was success, the request would written in Report Task History section and the status is awaiting. Please wait until status is changes to completed.
  4. If the request status was completed, the report will be sent to your email address as you input before.
  5. Finish.