Edit WHOIS Verification Email dan Resend Verification

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The following are the steps to Edit WHOIS Verification Email and Resend Verification Email (RAA Verification):

  1. Go to Domain Details page.
  2. In this page, if you see an email verification notification then it means your email address has not been verified by SRS-X. If there was a mistake in the typing error in the email address then you should replace your email address. You can start it by clicking Edit WHOIS button in the WHOIS & Security section in this page.1
  3. WHOIS contact is divided into 4 contacts, there are Registrant, Administrative, Billing, and Technical Contact. For this case, Registrant Contact is contact that determine where the destination email address will be sent a verification email. So, you can choose Registrant Contact tab and click Change Contact button. 2
  4. Click edit button (symbolized by pencil icon) for the contact that you used. 3
  5. Replace your old email address by your new email address and click Save button. If this process is success, you can close the panel and you can go back to Domain Details page. 4a
  6. To sending an email verification to your new email address, you can click Resend Email button in the notification. 5
  7. Soon after that, you will get an email from SRS-X and you can verify your email address by clicking verification link. 6
  8. Finish.