Restore Domain

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The following are the steps to Renewing Domain Product :

  1. Go to Domain Details page to your Customer deleted domain.
  2. Click Restore button in this page to start restoring domain. 1
  3. Give the check to given checkboxes :
    1. Send Restore Invoice Email : to send restore invoice email to your Customer
    2. Skip Invoice Payment : to skip invoice payment and the payment is paid by Reseller

    and then click Generate Invoice button. 2

  4. If you do not skipping customer invoice payment, the invoice will be generated and you can see the invoice details by clicking Invoice ID in the invoice notification. 3
  5. You can wait until you customer paid this invoice. 4
  6. If the invoice is paid, our system will processing and the domain status will be changed to processing5
  7. If our system is done with the process, the domain will be restored and active as before. 6
  8. Finish.