Registrar Module

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Following are the steps to installing SRS-X domain registrar module in HostBill:

  1. Extract file into this directory

    so, the class.srsx.php file is located at:



  2. Login as administrator, then go to Settings – Modules menu.
  3. Search with “srsx” keyword, if the installed module is found then click Activate button.
  4. Configure Reseller IDAPI Username, and API Password that appropriated to SRS-X API reseller configuration page. For Name input, fill with everything, give a check at Sandbox Mode check box if you want to try the development mode, give a check at Enable Log check box if you want to activate logging feature, and fill the Log Path with the full path of your directory. Click Test Configuration to test the reseller configuration. Finally Add new Connection or Save Changes button to create this new module configuration.
    NB: If the Log Path configuration is blank, then the default log path will be in:

  5. Configure the domain extension at Settings – Products & Services menu. Click Edit button at every extension that will use SRS-X registrar module.
  6. Go to Registrar Settings tab. In the App input, select srsx option. Then input default Nameservers for each extension. Give a check Require EPP for transfers and Remove accented characters check boxes. Then click Save Changes button to save this configuration.
  7. Done.