Transfer Domain (Reseller)

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The following are the steps to transfer a domain:

  1. Login to SRS-X Reseller panel. From main page, go to Products – Order Domain menu. 1
  2. You will be redirected to Domain Names page. Move to Domain Transfer tab then input the domain name and click Transfer Domain button to start transferring the domain. 2
  3. Input EPP Code of the domain you will transfer, then click Order button. 3
  4. As a reseller, you can’t place order for yourself. You must place order for your customer by entering a username / email address of your customer. Or if your customer is not registered, then you should register it by clicking Register New Customer button. Click Submit button to continue the order for your customer. 4
  5. Next step is configuring domain in Domain Configurations panel. In this panel, there are four configurations that are: Additional ServicesPeriodNameserver, and WHOIS. First, you have to configure Additional Services. In this configuration, there are features such as ID ProtectionManaged DNS, and Domain Forwarding. You have to give check on each features if you would using them. Then, move to Period tab to configure your domain registration period. 5
  6. Second, you have to configure domain registration period by choosing it from provided periods. Then, move to Nameserver tab to configure your domain nameservers. 6
  7. Third, you have to configure domain name server for your domain. There are up to eight NS input and at least you must entering two nameservers at NS 1 and NS 2. Then, move to WHOIS tab to configure your domain contact information. 7
  8. Last configuration, you have to set your WHOIS Contact Information. If you have contact information before, they will shown here. If there is an information you would to edit, click Edit (pencil) button. If your configurations are all complete, click Save button to continue the ordering process. 8
  9. And the second step is Product Services page. If you want to add some of our products, then click Order button on each product button. But if you just ordering domain, then click Continue to skip this step. 9
  10. And then in third step that is Order Summary. In here, the product(s) that you will ordered will shown here. If you got a promotion code, you can input it in Promo Code and click Use Code. After you confirmed that the data is true, click Checkout button. 10
  11. Last step, you have to choose the Payment Method from available methods by giving a check on method checkbox. But, you can skip the payment for your customer by giving check on Skip Payment checkbox. And to complete the order, click Checkout button. 11
  12. Your order is completed! You will be redirected into Order Receipt. If the statuses for each item is pending, you have to wait until your customer is processing the payment and the statuses will be active12
  13. Done.