Order Anything.ID (customer)

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The following are the steps for ordering new anything.id domain :

  1. Go to http://srb[RESELLERID].srs-x.com/dotid or a Custom URL that your reseller has, and then click Order Anything.ID < 5 Char button to start ordering.  customer - 1
  2. Input your domain name with maximum length is 4 characters, and check availability of your domain by clicking Check Domain button. customer - 2
  3. If the domain name is available, you can continue order by clicking Next button. customer - 3
  4. Register and input your email and all customer information we need. If you have finished, click Register button.customer - 4
  5. If you had submit your account, you must check your WHOIS Information. If the information is already true, click Continue button to continue the order. customer - 5
  6. Configure the Nameserver for your domain and click Continue button. customer - 6
  7. In the Extra Parameter process, you must upload the supporting document, especially for required document. Choose your customer type at Category dropdown button, and then click plus (+) button to upload the document. customer - 7
  8. Start upload the document by input Document Name, choose the document, and click Upload Document button. If you have finished uploading the document, you can click Close button to continue the process. customer - 8
  9. If your upload process is success, there will show uploaded label and you can click Continue button. customer - 9
  10. In the Registration Agreement process, accept our agreement by checking at I agree with this agreement checkbox and you can click Continue button to review the Order Summary. customer - 10
  11. If you have clear and agree with your Order Summary, choose Payment Option (if available) and finish this order process by clicking Place My Order button. customer - 11
  12. You will be directed to Order Receipt page and order receipt for your domain name has been placed. customer - 12
  13. Finish.