Login as Sub-reseller

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Please find following guide on how to Log in as Sub-reseller.


  1. Log into your reseller panel.
  2. Select menu Sub-resellersList All Resellers, search the sub-reseller.
  3. Click on human icon before username/email of the desired sub-reseller.
    search subreseller
  4. A new dialog will be opened with temporary username and password. Click follow this link and it will open a new tab.
    login as reseller
  5. On the new tab, enter the temporary username and password from previous step. OTP key from your reseller’s Google Authenticator is also mandatory. Click Sign In to proceed.
    input temporary username password
  6. You have logged in as your sub-reseller account.


This Login as Sub-reseller feature is only possible when you have activated 2FA using Google Authenticator.