Correction Transaction

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The following are the steps to creating correction transaction for reseller:

  1. Go to Billing & Invoices – List All Transactions menu. 1
  2. Click Create a Correction button. 2
  3. Fill the asked form for these details:
    • Type: Option Sub-Reseller is correction transaction for your sub-reseller and option Customer is for your customer.
    • Reseller ID / Customer ID: Fill it with your Reseller ID or Customer ID (this input is depending on your Type field), if the ID you fill is exist it will show you the name and email address details of your sub-reseller / customer.
    • Role: Option Debit will reduce the amount of sub-reseller / customer deposits and option Credit will increase the amount of sub-reseller / customer deposits.
    • Amount: The amount of your correction transaction.
    • Currency: The currency of your correction transaction.
    • Note: Optional. Just if you have to a note for this correction transaction.
  4. Click Save button to submit your correction transaction.
  5. Finish.